Sweet Treats

Rozie's Kitchen is now offering sweet stuff for the holiday season!

Rozie Brownies

Calling all chocolate lovers! 

This chocolate chunk brownie is best with a glass of your favorite type of milk. It's rich, moist, and full of chocolatey goodness.

$10.00 per dozen

(no nuts are used in this recipe)

Cinnamon Rolls

This is Rozie's favorite dessert to make.  They are made with fresh dough, cinnamon sugary goodness, and a sweetly satisfying cream cheese icing.  These crowd pleasers are a win everytime! 

$20.00 per dozen


Apple Pie

A homemade pie that is nothing short of traditional goodness.  Flaky, homemade crust, with fresh apple filling. Enjoy with friends, family, and a glass of your favorite fall beverage. 

$12.00 per pie

(no nuts are used in this recipe)